Benjamin Blount


Activities for MARE: Chief Associate Editor, MAST

Current Position: SocioEcological Informatics (consultant)

Relevant research projects: Socio-ecological systems (fishing communities, US Gulf of Mexico).

Relevant publications:

Jacob, Steve, Priscilla Weeks, Benjamin G. Blount, and Michael Jepson. 2010. Exploring Fishing Dependence in Gulf Coast Communities. Marine Policy 34: 1307-1314.

Bauer, Marybeth, Porter Hoagland, Thomas M. Leschine, Benjamin G. Blount, Caroline M. Pomeroy, Linda L. Lampl, Clifford W. Scherer, Dan L. Ayers, Patricia A. Tester, Mario R. Sengco, Kevin G. Sellner, and Joe Schumacker, 2010. The Importance of Human Dimensions Research in Managing Harmful Algal Blooms. Frontiers in Ecology and Environment 8(2): 75-83.

Blount, Ben G., and Kathi R. Kitner, 2007. Life on the Water: A Historical-Cultural Model of African American Fishermen on the Georgia Coast (USA). NAPA Bulletin (National Association of Practicing Anthropologists) 28(1): 109-122.

Blount, Ben G., and Ariana Pitchon, 2007. An Anthropological Research Protocol for Marine Protected Areas: Creating a Niche in a Multi-Disciplinary Cultural Hierarchy. Human Organization 66(2): 103-111.

Blount, Ben G., 2007. Culture and Resilience among Shrimpers on the Georgia Coast (USA): Responses to Globalization. MAST (Maritime Studies) 5(2): 5-26.

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