MARE Policy Day 2011

Policy Day:

Marine Spatial Planning – On the Boundary Between Policy and Science

Amsterdam, 5th  July  2011

Organized by:

Centre Marine Policy (CMP) and Centre for Maritime Research (MARE)

The VIth MARE Conference and Policy Day consists of the Policy Day (5th July) and the Conference (6-9 July); both address how science and policy can connect to support progress towards sustainable coasts.


Confirmed speakers:

Dr. Haitze Siemers of EU DGMARE who will address Marine Spatial Planning from an EU perspective

Prof. Johan Woltjer for Groningen University who will focus on the question how does Spatial planning relate to water.

Prof. Meg Caldwell serves as the Executive Director for the Center for Ocean Solutions.  She will address experiences with Marine Spatial Planning outside the EU

Dr Nyawira Muthiga, head of the Coastal and Wetlands Program of the Kenya Wildlife Service, will address experiences with Marine protected Areas as instrument for Marine Spatial Planning

Dr Euann Dunn will focus on cross-border issues between EU Member States in the Southern North Sea

And experiences with stakeholder participation in the FIMPAS Fisheries Measures in Protected Areas project will be presented.

Prof. Isa Baud will be the chair of the day. She is Professor in International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Behavioral and Social sciences, Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies

Programme information

Marine spatial planning is a topic that is receiving increasing attention worldwide. New technologies enable us to go further out to sea, or go deeper into the ocean and deploy activities. Renewable energy increasingly is taking place at sea. Shipping and Oil and Gas extraction traditionally play a significant role out at sea. Fisheries continues to be an important activity in a lot of coastal regions. Nature Conservation is increasingly being deployed at sea. At the same time there are issues of coastal safety with sea level rise due to climate change.

Practitioners of marine spatial planning often operate in the context of local, regional, national or international governments. The planning process invariably runs into a number of scientific issues that need to be addressed. What are the key scientific challenges that would facilitate marine spatial planning?

The MARE and CMP policy day Marine Spatial Planning – On the Boundary Between Policy and Science will focus on the debate on marine spatial planning. It will look into different approaches to marine spatial planning and how marine spatial planning activities are implemented in different countries and regions.

Topics that will be covered will include:

  • Which lessons can we learn from land based Spatial Planning?
  • Experiences with Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) outside the EU
  • Marine Protected Areas (MPA) as instrument for MSP; Lessons Learned from Long term Monitoring and Management of Marine Protected Areas
  • Marine Spatial Planning in the North sea; a hands on experience
  • Implementing the spatial dimension and stakeholder participation: the Natura 2000 area in the North Sea coastal zone

Costs ( including lunch, coffee, drinks after)

€ 100,00 per person


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