2021 People & the Sea Conference

The 11th MARE People and the Sea Conference took place from the 28th of June to 2nd of July, 2021. This year, the conference was held virtually.

The Programme Book can be found here.

Theme description: Limits to Blue Growth?
For decades sustainable development has served as guiding concept for policy makers, including those concerned in coastal and ocean governance. At the same time, the ‘blue economy’ and ‘blue growth’ have nowadays become popular concepts in marine policy. Notions on blue growth especially ask attention for new uses of the oceans, such as renewable energy (wind at sea), deep sea mining and deep-sea fishing but also aim at highlighting ecosystem services that have societal value (coastal protection, CO2 storage and biodiversity). The concept aims to reconcile two seemingly opposing uses of the oceans: exploitation and conservation, in the same way as was intended with the use of ‘sustainable development’. The concept also seems to promise that there still is a new, not yet reached frontier for economic expansion.

MARE Policy Day 2021: Coastal & Maritime Cultural Heritage
As always, the MARE Conference is accompanied by a Policy Day. This years theme is Coastal & Maritime Cultural Heritage. For more information about the theme and the policy day program, please click here.