Interactive Governace for Fisheries


A Guide to Better Practice

 M. Bavinck, R. Chuenpagdee, M. Diallo, P. van der Heijden,

J. Kooiman, R. Mahon and S. Williams

Together with the scientific publication ‘Fish for Life’, a more practical guide ‘Interactive Governance for Fisheries – a Guide to Better Practice’ was written, which can be ordered from Eboron Academic Publishers. This guide presents a new and creative approach to the governance of fisheries and aquaculture in the world. Called interactive governance, this approach addresses the diversity, complexity and dynamics of fisheries and aquaculture systems through an inclusive, holistic and adaptive framework that is principle-based, with an emphasis on partnership and learning. The guide suggests that all governance systems stand to benefit from the change in perspective that is proposed in this volume.

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