Instructions for Participants

Navigating the conference: physically and online

Both for online and physical participants, the best way to navigate the conference is to visit the conference schedule online in Meetinghand. You can scroll through the elaborate programme day by day and choose the sessions you wish to attend.

Each session shows two links. One provides access to the paper’s abstracts, the other to the Zoom link for those attending remotely. Note that the password for all zoom sessions is: Bluefear?

For quick navigation take a look at the final pages of the programme book to discover who is presenting when and where in a simplified format. Kindly note that in case of discrepancies in the programme schedule, the online version is the most updated and recent.

Specific link for Opening
The conference opening takes place outside the University’s premises, and is therefore accessible by a specific link:

For in-person presentations

  • We urge everyone to bring their presentation in ppt(x) or pdf format on a USB-stick. You can only use the computer that is available in the conference rooms. This computer is connected to the internet. 
  • In any case it will not be possible to use your own laptop to present or bring in participants as this will upset our technical set up for online participants.
  • You are requested to test your presentation in the appointed room, at least 15 minutes in advance of your session. Should you have your presentation in a different format or need to download your presentation, be there half an hour early for your session. Student volunteers will be in the room to assist.
  • Please prepare your talk to keep within the scheduled time. The session timetables will be strictly adhered to, to allow for enough time for all participants.

For online participation

  • Online participants can in principle only ‘listen in’, and not actively join the conversation. To that end, videos and audio are muted by default. However, we welcome everyone to join the conversations and post questions through the chat. We have instructed the volunteers and panel chairs to pay attention to questions emerging in the chat whenever time permits.
  • Our technical staff and volunteers will do all they can to ensure a smooth experience for both online participants and physical participants. In the unlikely event that technology fails, however, the physical panel will proceed according to planned timeslots.

For online presenters

  • For those who have been allocated a presenter slot, the tech volunteer will upgrade you to ‘co-host’ at the time of your presentation and discussion, allowing you to share your screen, and turn on your video and audio. Please do stand-by 15 minutes prior to the start of your panel, so the volunteer can do a test-run with you.
  • The chair will decide on the sequence of the presentations in the panel.
  • For the time that you are co-host but not presenting or speaking, kindly mute your microphone so that the rest of the panel can continue undisturbed.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Tara ( or Nick (