MARE Quarterly Alerts (20 November 2023)

We are glad to share with you some of the newest publications from our journal Maritime Studies, and to announce a MARE-EFARO webinar on European Social marine Data. 

MAST’s newest issue features contributions on topics as diverse as social acceptance of deep sea mining, newcomers in Icelandic fisheries, the Norwegian Seaweed Utopia, while also hosting multiple conceptual and empirical papers advancing the debate on marine conflicts.

I am equally happy to inform you that in June 2023 MAST received an Impact Factor of 3.4 by Clarivate, recognizing the broad readership of the papers we publish and associated impact of our journal  We are proud about this achievement, and hope this will further encourage scholars to submit their high quality work to Maritime Studies for consideration.

I would also like to draw your attention to MAST’s Thematic Collections, e.g. on Marine Conflicts, Small Fish for Food and Nutrition in the Global South and Marine and Coastal Cultural Heritage. These thematic collections are essentially digitalized special issues and we are very proud of our editors and guest editors having brought together this groundbreaking work.