MAST Volume 9, Issue 1

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Svein Jentoft and Simon Bush

Speech by H.R.H. the Prince of Orange at the 2009 MARE People and the Sea Conference. Amsterdam, Thursday 9 July 2009


Lead Paper

Shifting perspectives on resource management:

Resilience and the Reconceptualization of ‘Natural Resources’ and ‘Management’

Fikret Berkes


Resilience and truth: A Response to Berkes

Paul Nadasdy


Europe’s common fisheries policy: Changing Perspectives on Fisheries Management

David Symes


Considering critical dualism: A Response to Fikret Berkes

Douglas Clyde Wilson




Fikret Berkes


Other papers

Constructing knowledge gaps in Barents Sea management: How Uncertainties Become Objects of Risk

Maaike Knol


Legal pluralism and integrated management in Saint John Harbour, Canada

Melanie G. Wiber and Maria Recchia


Governance and Fisheries Co-management on Lake Victoria:

Challenges to the Adaptive Governance Approach

Fiona Nunan