MAST Volume 10, Issue 2

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Edward H. Allison, Björn Åsgård and Rolf Willmann


Fishing rights to the right people? Management options in croweded small-scale fisheries

Bjørn Hersoug


Securing economic, social and cultural rights of small-scale and artisanal fisherworkers and fishing communities

Chandrika Sharma


Individual transferable quotas, poverty alleviation and challenges for small-country fisheries policy in South Africa

Moenieba Isaacs


Small-scale fisheries: On Rights, Trade and Subsidies

Anthony Charles


Should states and international organizations adopt a human rights approach to fisheries policy?

Edward H. Allison


Climbing the Hill: Poverty Alleviation, Gender Relationships, and Women’s Social Entrepreneurship in Lake Victoria, Tanzania

Paul Ochien’g Onyango and Svein Jentoft