MAST 2009, Volume 8, No. 2

Issue on Literacy and Fisheries. Edited by Bryan Maddox.

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Literacies, Development and Education in Fishing-dependent Communities

Bryan Maddox, Edward H. Allison and Tim M. Daw

The coexistence of local knowledge and gps technology:
Looking for things in the water

Judy Kalman and María de los Ángeles Liceaga Correa


New technologies, new demands and new literacies:
The Changing Literacy Practices of Fishing Communities in Bangladesh and Ghana

Bryan Maddox and Ragnhild Overå
The contradictory languages of fishing and gold panning in the Peruvian Amazon
Sheila Aikman

Educational attainment and literacy in Ugandan fishing communities: Access for All?

Elizabeth Westaway, Caroline Barratt, Janet Seeley


Book reviews