MAST 2008, Volume 7, No. 2

Special issue on cyborgization!

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Simon Bush


The cyborgization of the fisheries: On Attempts to Make Fisheries Management Possible

Jahn Petter Johnsen, Petter Holm, Peter Sinclair, Dean Bavington


Power and the production of science: Assessing Cod Stocks as the Mechanistic Fishery Collapses

Peter R. Sinclair, Jahn Petter Johnsen, Paul Ripley

North atlantic fisheries in change: From Organic Associations to Cybernetic Organizations

Jahn Petter Johnsen, Grant D. Murray, Barbara Neis

Refurbishing the coast: The Invention of the Tourist-Fisher

Kristin Berg Nordstrand, Petter Holm

Managing to Endanger: Creating Manageable Cod Fisheries in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Dean Louis Yelwa Bavington