MAST 2006 Volume 5, No. 2



Culture and Resilience among Shrimpers on the Georgia Coast (USA):

Responses to Globalization

Benjamin Blount (pp 5-26)


Evaluating community fish quota management in Atlantic Canada:

Lessons from the start-up years

Lucia M. Fanning (pp 27-54)


Fishermen’s opinions of MPA performance in the Egadi Islands Marine Reserve

Amber H. Himes (pp 55-76)


Ownership and belonging in the bluff oyster fishery of New Zealand

Peter Knight (pp 77- 92)


Change and stability:

The Role of Women in Norwegian Fish Farming

Liv Toril Pettersen & Gry Agnete Alsos (pp 93-122)



Book reviews:

The Closing of the Frontier: A History of the Marine Fisheries of Southeast Asia. Butcher, J.G.

Review by: Simon Bush (123-124)

The People of the Sea:Environment, Identity, and History in Oceania D’Arcy, P.

Review by: John G. Butcher (125-127)