MAST 2006, Volume 5, No.1

Special issue on Fishing Technology; 132pp

The main topic of this special issue is technology in fisheries throughout the world with focus on innovation, management, control and restrictions.The issue presents a mixture of historical and contemporary studies from seven countries on technology seen from different angels and approaches. The transition from natural to synthetic fibres and both traditional fishing gear and development of new ecological and sustainable gear are discussed.



Jan Willem van der Schans



Atle Ove Martinussen


The Introduction of Synthetic Fibres in Denmark’s Fisheries, C. 1945-1970

Morten Karnøe Søndergaard


Nylon Fever:

Technological innovation, diffusion and control in Norwegian Fisheries during the 1950’s

Atle Ove Martinussen


Government, hold us, ’cause we’re heading for trouble!”:

Observations on Thirty Years of Change in Dutch Sea Fisheries

Jan Willem de Wilde


A History Of Nets And Bans: Restrictions on technical innovation along the Coromandel Coast of India

K. Karunaharan and M. Bavinck


Complexities In Keeping The Seals Away From The Catch: Building a ‘seal-proof’ fishing gear

Riku Varjopuro and Pekka Salmi


A Business Lesson For The Tasmanian Rock Lobster Industry: Information Systems and Technology is not a Quick Fix

Tristan Richards


”One Man No Chop”: Beach seine fishing in Ghana (West Africa)

Marloes Kraan
Book Review:

Closing the Commons. Norwegian fisheries from open access to private property. Hersoug, B.

Review by: Maaike Knol