MAST 2004, Volume 3, No.1


The Incident in Dullah Laut:. Marine Tenure and the Politics of Village Leadership in Maluku, Eastern Indonesia

Dedi Supriadi Adhuri (5-23)


India’s Shark Trade: An Analysis of Indian Shark Landings Based on Shark Fin Exports

Zeke Hausfather (25-39)


A Janus-faced Sea: Contrasting Perceptions and Experiences of the Mediterranean

Henk Driessen (41-50)


‘For Hire’ in the US Gulf of Mexico: A Typology of Offshore Charter and Party Boat Operations

Carla Norris-Raynbird (51-65)


Performance and Productivity: The Case for qms Driven Productivity and Performance Gains in the New Zealand Seafood Sector

Eugene B Rees (67-91)


Book review