MAST 1993, Volume 6, No. 1&2



External Forces and Change in Traditional Community-based Fishery Management Systems in the Asia-Pacific Region

Kenneth Ruddle (1-37)


Access and Distribution: Two Aspects of Changing Local Marine Resource Management Institutions in a Javanese Fishery

Anita Kendrick (38-58)


La Iniciativa Privada in the Maxican Shrimp Industry: Politics of Efficiency

Marcela Vásquez León & Thomas R. McGuire (59-73)


Chaos of the Commons: Salmon and Such

Neal Gilbertsen (74-91)


The Traditional Approach Towards Sustainable Management of Common Property Fishery Resources in Nigeria

Ade S. Olomola (92-109)


Wives and Traders: Women’s Careers in Ghanaian Canoe Fisheries

Ragnhild Overå (110-135)


Social Mobilization in Kerala: Fishers, Priests, Unions, and Political Parties

Jóna Hálfdánardóttir (136-156)


All That Holds Us Together: Kinship and Resource Pooling in a Fishing Co-operative

Charles R. Menzies (157-179)


A Fisherman’s Autobiography: To the Shetlands with ‘Nanny’ in 1937

Reginald Byron (180-204)


Hurricane Andrew and South Florida’s Commercial Fishing People: Impacts and Immediate Needs

James R. McGoodwin & Christopher L. Dyer (205-219)


Book Reviews (220-235)

Books Received (236)