MAST 1992, Volume 5, No. 2

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The Cultural Construction of Value. ‘Subsistence’, ‘Commercial’ and Other Terms in the Debate About Whaling

Brian Moeran (1-15)


Whose Whale is That? Diverting the Commodity Path

Arne Kalland (16-45)


Social Identity and the European Community: An Iberian Example

Edward LiPuma (46-73)


Research Reports

Artisanal Fisheries and Fishermen’s Migrations in Liberia

Jan M. Haakonsen (75-87)


The Migration of Ghanaian Women in the Canoe Fishing Industry

Irene Odotei (88-95)


Fanti and Ewe Fishermen’s Migration and Settlement in Cote d’Ivoire

K. Delaunay (96-103)


Book Reviews (104-111)

Video Review (112-116)

Books Received (117)