MAST 1991, Volume 4, No. 2



Fishing, Drinking and the Construction of Identity in Rural Ireland

Adrian Peace (3-16)


‘The Fish Pot Ban’ Reef Overfishing and State Mismanagement in Bermuda

Gene Barrett (17-39)


Seaweed, Status and the Symbolic Domain: Seaweed Harvesters in Portuguese Coastal Communities

Ellen Hoefnagel (40-61)


Conceptualizing Human Fishers as Predators in Marine Ecosystems: Some Cautionary Notes for Fisheries Management

James R. McGoodwin (62-71)


Burning Bridges? Polish Fisheries Co-operatives in Times of Transition

Svein Jentoft & Boguslaw Marciniak (72-86)


The Diffusion of ‘Lambreta’, an Artificial Lure, at Búzios Island (Brazil)

Alpina Begossi & Peter J. Risherson (87-103)


Conference Report



Book Reviews



Books Received



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