MAST 1991, Volume 4, No. 1



Economic Anthropology and Interdisciplinarity in Costa Rica Fishing: The Pitfalls of Problem Formulation

Yvan Breton (1-12)


Insidious Rationalities: The Institutionalization of Small Boat Fishing and the Rise of the Rapacious Fisher

Anthony Davis (13-31)


Science and the Destruction of a Shrimp Fleet

Thomas R. McGuire (32-55)


The Life and Death of a Small-Scale Fishery: Surf Clam Dredging in Southern Maine

Craig T. Palmer (56-72)


Measuring Ourselves: Adaptation and Anxiety Aboard a Fishing Vessel

Peter Knutson (73-90)



Notes on Chaos in Fisheries Management by Estellie Smith

Chris Finlayson (91-97)


Book Reviews



Books Received



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