MAST 1990, Volume 3 , No. 2



Chaos in Fisheries Management

M. Estellie Smith (1-13)


The Fishermen and the Nation: The Identity of a Danish Occupational Group

Torben A. Vestergaard (14-34)


Of Seals and Souls: Changes in the Position of Seals in the World View of Icelandic Small-Scale Fishermen

Niels Einarsson (35-48)


Farming the Edge of the Sea: The Sustainable Development of Dutch Mussel Fishery

Rob van Ginkel (49-67)


A Tale of Two Rivers: Culture, Ecology and Competition in an Alaskan Fishery

George Gmelch and Geoffrey C. Orth (68-87)


Dispute Settlement in the Newfoundland Inshore Fishery: A Study of Fishery Officers’Responses to Gear Conflicts in Inshore Fishing Communities

John Phyne (88-102)



Comment on Sinclair’s “Fisheries Management and Problems of Social Justice: Reflections on Northwest Newfoundland”

Carbot Martin (103-110)


Book Reviews



Books Received


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