MAST 1990, Volume 3, No. 1

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Cod, God, Country and Family: The Portuguese Newfoundland Cod Fishery

Sally C. Cole (1-29)


Fisheries Management and Problems of Social Justice: Reflections on Northwest Newfoundland

Peter R. Sinclair (30-47)


Levels and Profiles of Job Satisfaction Among Former and Current Distant Water Fishers in Nova Scotia

Marian Binkley & Victor Thiessen (48-68)


Policy, Power and Science: The Implimentation of Turtle Excluder Device Regulations in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Fishery

E. Paul Durrenberger (69-86)


Balancing Competition and Cooperation: Verbal Etiquette Among Maine Lobstermen

Craig T. Palmer (87-105)


On the Nomenclature of Dutch Inland River Craft

Jojada Verrips (106-118)


The Difficult Transition from Subsistence to Commercial Fishing: The Case of the Bijagos of Guinea-Bissau

Inge Tvedten (119-130)
Book Reviews (131-132)

Books Received (133-134)