MAST 1989, Volume 2, No. 2

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Competition for Cultural Images: Fisherman versus Logger in Southeast Alaska

John B. Gatewood (87-104)


Japanese Whaling Culture: Continuities and Diversities

Junichi Takahashi, Arne Kalland, Brian Moeran and Theodore C. Bestor (105-133)


Do Randomizing Devices Aid Marine Hunters? Shark Fishermen in Pacific Mexico

James R. McGoodwin (134-153)


The Anlo-Ewe and Full-Time Maritime Fishing: Another View

G.K. Nukunya (154-173)


Invisible Nets: Women and Children in Kerala’s Fishing

Olga Nieuwenhuys (174-193)


Ambivalent Co-operaters: Organisational Slack and Utilitarian Rationality in an Eastern Nova cotian Fisheries Co-operative

Anthony Davis and Svein Jentoft (194-211)



Homo Sapiens Baymenesis: A Critique of the “Baymen of the Great South Bay …”

John A. Black (212-213)

Response to the Critique of John A. Black

Jeffrey Kassner (214-216)


Book Reviews (219-227)

Announcement (228)

Books Received (229)