MAST 1988 Volume 1, No.2

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Usufruct and Contradiction: Territorial Custom and Abuse in Newfoundland’s Banks Schooner and Dory Fishery

Raoul Andersen (81-102)


Job Satisfaction and the Culture of Fishing: A Comparison of Six New Jearsey Fisheries

John B. Gatewood & Bonnie J. McCay (103-128)


Going Out or Staying Home: Migration Strategies among Xwla and Anlo-Ewe Fishermen

Paul Jorion (129-155)


Regulation of Commercial Salmon Fishing in Southern New Brunswick

Gail R. Pool & Frances L. Stewart (156-181)


The Baymen of the Great South Bay, New York: A Preliminary Profile

Jeffrey Kassner (182-195)


Shrimpers and Turtles on the Gulf Coast: The Formation of Fisheries Policy in the United States

E. Paul Durrenberger (196-214)




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